Friday, September 3, 2010

wear it how you feel it

purple-the cool colour, u want confidence, then purple is the colour to make it happen

Yellow-feeling fun happy and joyful then put on something yellow to feel fun
Pink-its playful and its flirty, u want 2 impress that special someone then dont be afraid of the pink
Blue-the colour of freedom, a day at the beach or at the park underneith a beautiful skye, it will compliment ur outfit
Beige-feeling beautiful, in beige u can sometimes feel nake but it makes you feel sexy and beautiful
black-wearing black screams confident, sexy and wanting 2 have a good time


  1. love the yellow and the black , great post !!!

  2. Love it

  3. I love the beige, purple, blue and black!

    Thanks so much for following!

    Serina x

  4. These are all too beautiful for words. I cant pick a favorite! You really have an eye for fashion. Wonderful post! :)

    -Gayle from

  5. Such a nice bLog

    and thx 4 ur Comment♥


  6. omg, the dresses are amazing ! and the colours too.
    great pics.

    xoxo lala

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  7. thanks guys, and thanks so much for following x0x0x

  8. I am giving you the Happy 101 Award.

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