Monday, September 20, 2010


I recently attended a fabulous sweet 16 in which wear there was alot of heels, short dresses and beautiful jewellery.Knowing myself i had to make a true statement but incorperating all three but in my own way.I chose to do a mini floral bubble skirt with a black tight fitted long sleeve becaue the black not only breakes up the floral but it gives the florals a bit of an edge which is what i alwayse like to do, teaming the pair up with a gorjous equip necklace which i bought for only $20 and bardot heels that tied up at the ankle, with a soft mascara and natural wave through the hair i defenitly achieved The HIGHENDFASHION look i was going for....Comment and tell me what u think, or what u would do to make it look better! x0x0x


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