Saturday, December 4, 2010


Okay so its been way too long since ive posted or even checked my blog and for a second there i almost forgot my password :( but a  little birdy motivated me to get back into my blog because it truly is what i love , well alot has happened since ive been missing an armani :( ive been working heaps and started thinking about tafe and cources that im going to apply for in the year 2011, i have decided to do the cource Fashion Design and technology  certificate 3 , which i am so excited for cause once i start im going all the way to the top.
I have been pretty busy lately but i promise to post as much as i can and keep u intact with HIGHENDFASHION


  1. Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment:)
    Your blog is very cute,I addded to your followers!
    There was maybe a problem with Googles and you is not in my followers. Please try again when you can.
    xx Mary

  2. Great to see you're blogging again. Stick to it. x


  3. jst stumbled across ur blog..checked out ur previous posts and i loved whatever i saw so far..definitely looking forward to ur new post..


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